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Why purify the water at home?

Reflect the love you feel for your family, providing them with quality water

Who Are We?

A Team of Full-service Reliable Professionals for Home and Well Needs

Since 2005 we began working with the objective of improving the quality of water in Florida homes.  Whether it is a small suite or a large house, we carry out a free analysis and offer you the best solution with products and systems to purify all the water in your property, at the most affordable cost.

We offer our own financing so that you can have your Water Purification System TODAY, with a 0 dollar downpayment

How can we help you?

City & Well Services

We carry out a consultation visit with experts who determine which will be the most effective and cheapest option to improve the water in your property.

Consultation Visit & Free Analysis

Our free analysis and the visit we make to your home allows us to show you the change in water quality when using our systems.

Products & Systems

We have equipment, products and systems so that you always have healthy water available at home, with fast and low-cost maintenance.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

My AirBnb guests had read about water quality issues in Florida and had several questions about it. After contacting you and installing your system, my guests feel more confident.
Como paciente en remisión puedo decir que atribuyo la mayor parte de mi recuperación, al estricto cuidado en las instrucciones sobre mi dieta con agua alkalina de parte de mi médico oncólogo.
I live in the Coral Gables area and after noticing various elements in the water, we decided to do a quality test at home. Aqua Pure visited us right away and showed us the improvement of the water in our home.
Desde que nos mudamos la piel de mi bebé empezó a irritarse y probamos con varios tratamientos hasta saber que el agua reciclada podía ser la causa de su dermatitis. Gracias a ustedes purificamos el agua de casa con un financiamiento muy cómodo
We needed to be sure that the household water we would buy in the Miami area is of quality, your company's systems allowed us to make a smart purchase, before we moved in with our daughters.

Water Quality is Quality of Life

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